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Land Clearing, Mulching, Fire and Flood Mitigation

Low-intensity fires were the natural norm before settlers prevented fires from burning to protect their homes, land, and assets. These fires cleared out undergrowth, opened up forest canopies, and recycled nutrients back into the soil to provide more diverse habitat for wildlife, more room and nutrients for trees to grow strong, and rejuvenated forests.

The intense conflagrations we see today are a product of the unhealthy, man-made forests we have inadvertently shaped over many decades. After these large wildfires, surrounding communities and impacted watersheds experience devastating flooding, soil loss, and water quality degradation. Restoring these burn scars is a decades-long process involving flood mitigation, re-vegetation, river restoration, and strong community support and commitment.

Wayne Arnold Excavation have been doing fire and flood mitigation for decades and can help you minimize or even prevent any damage from these events. We know how to prepare for any event and our services will give you a much better change of getting through the flood and fire season with minimal impact.

Your Best Choice in Fire and Flood Mitigation.

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